Monday, October 8, 2012

I choose TLC for my gals (The Little Caliph Programme)

Alhamdulillah, next year my turn to attend Dee Pee Aaaaaaaa..... course for six months. And I already plan and set everything for my girls.. who to live with & where to live with including going to which school..

Next year Aqeelah will turn SIX and Afeeqah will turn FIVE... little Aleesya will turn TWO weeehhuuuuu!!!

Since Aqeelah dah almost two years sekolah agama... adalah sangat dan amat rugi kalau next year hantar ke sekolah BIASA... pada pendapat saya la. That is why I choose The Little Caliph Programme untuk dia... hopefully dia and Afeeqah will gain something valuable and benefit and the most important ENJOY the class everyday...

Alhamdulillah sekolah sangat dekat dengan rumah atuk Shariff dia. So pepagi either nenek or atuk can send them to school by car.... (as what Mummy did everyday) and evening atuk will fetch them... Now lets see what TLC can offer to them & Mummy as well...

Subjects and Modules

The subjects offered under The Little Caliphs Program meet the requirement of Pre-school curriculum published by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, and more.  The subjects are listed below:
  •  Hafazan
  •  Iqra'
  •  Islamic Studies
  • Islamic Mannerism
  • English Language
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Art and Craft
  • Practical Life
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Appreciation
 The above subjects are delivered through the following integrated modules:
  • Integrated Module 1: Islam in Practical Life
  • Integrated Module 2: Islamic Studies
  • Integrated Module 3: Vocabulary
  • Integrated Module 4: Fast Reading Technique (BM & English)
  • Integrated Module 5: English Skills
  • Integrated Module 6: Mathematics
  • Integrated Module 7: Science

Islamic Studies Module

Teaching Islam is the most fulfilling element of teaching and learning. TLCP teaches Islam through Integrated Cross Curricular and Hands-on Teaching Approach.
Our components for this program are:
  • Individualized technique to teach early Quranic Reading
  • Hafazan using Huffaz System
  • Integrated Islam in
o        Practical life (Solat, dua, zikr, akhlaq and Aqidah)
o        Science (Adab)
o        Vocabulary (Adab, fiqh)
o        Mathematics (Tasawwur)
o        Seerah (History and Geography)
o        Art and Craft
o        Active Learning (Islamic Songs)
We strongly believe that early learning exposure of Islam in children will leave a long lasting impact in their life towards realizing and accepting that Allah is their Lord and Sustainer, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is their teacher and role model and Islam is the way of life. 
We hope for a great thawab for teaching Islam to children in their early learning years. 

Applying and integrating the various proven learning & teaching methodologies:

  • Whole Brain Learning
  • Multiple Intelligences Teaching
  • Multi-sensory Learning Styles
  • Accelerated learning
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Integrated Learning Systems
  • 5Rs: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, Reasoning, and memoRzing
  • Individualized and high personal touch


  • Progress of child is according to ability, not age
  • Using English as the medium of instruction
  • Use of instructional, experimental, and constructivism as a teaching approach
  • Leaning is easy and fun
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Joint-partnership of parents and teachers in promoting each child's growth and development
  • Continuous learning and improvement of the curriculum
  • Conducive classroom layout and environment that match the above mentioned methodologies
  • Supported by relevant teaching aids
  • The Little Caliphs Program (TLCP) is an Islamic-English-Creative pre-school program that helps pre-school children to realize their best spiritual, cognitive, socio-emotional and physical potential.
  • Unlike other conventional pre-school program, TLCP has a set of proven creative methodologies for teaching the children the meaningful foundation of Islam, learning and living skills in an integrative manner.
  • To equip teachers with effective teaching skills, TLCP offers series of trainings on teaching content and methodologies. 

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